Within the life cycle of an oil and gas well are a set of defined activities that commonly involve instruments programmed to collect data and control processes. Some activities are permanent installations, but many are temporary; i.e. services.

Often the data needs to be accessed by people that are not on location. The old saying time is money comes into play. The sooner data can be accessed, the sooner decisions can be made, the larger the money savings.

MRL has total understanding of the life cycle activities, the various data sets, and we design and support end to end solutions for our clients that gets the data to the people who need it. This saves our clients time and money. We call those solutions our applications.


During a frac job, readings are displayed and recorded on a second-by-second basis. People not on location need access to the readings as quickly and simply as possible.

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Offset Monitoring

There is a growing requirement for interference monitoring during stimulation operations.

Call MRL to find out more about our remote monitoring solutions and how to bring your data to the desktop in real-time.

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Directional Drilling

MRL has developed log reporting software and job planning software for the directional drilling industry. Both software packages are extremely comprehensive but also simple to own and operate.

The client responses to the MRL directional drilling software solutions are extremely positive.


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