Data Logging

MRL works with companies who install wellsite instruments to collect readings for short periods of time (days, weeks, months). Frequent access to the readings is required. Historically someone had to travel to the wellsite to download the readings and then communicate them to the people who needed them. Examples of the instruments include:

  • Surface pressure and temperature gauges
  • Acoustic well sounding instruments
  • Plunger lift optimization
  • Drop spools
  • Electronic flow measurement

Extra trips to and from the wellsite are no longer required. With MRL connected to the instrument readings are communicated to a secure website no matter where the wellsite is located. The client has total control of how often the readings are reported to the website. MRL clients praise how simple it is to install the MRL hardware and to log on to the website and access the readings. Less money and time are spent to manage the job and less risk is incurred by not having to travel to and from the wellsite just to check on the job.