Streaming Data

There are a growing number of situations where it is critical for people to have access to streaming real time data such as frac applications. Many of these situations are not manned and the site has no power or computers on location. Offset monitoring of wells adjacent to the well undergoing fracture treatments is one example.

MRL has developed the site hardware and network architecture to enable communications from any instrument on a second by second basis to the client website within the MRL network. People can securely log in and view the data on their computer, smart phone, and tablet.

As part of the MRL service, alarms can be enabled, jobs can be replayed, pdf reports can be generated, and the data is stored permanently. If there are multiple wells streaming data, all of the readings can be pointed to a single plot for ease of viewing.

If you have a requirement for streaming real time data simply contact MRL. We make complex situations simple.