The middleware unit, created by MRL, is the central part of a hardware system that provides an on-site link between the instrumentation, communications device and the MRL network.

An MRL middleware is utilized when a client installs an instrument on the oil or gas well, leaves the wellsite and wishes to have access to the data collected. Often the installation is temporary and historically people made scheduled trips to the wellsite to download the readings.

With the MRL system at the wellsite, there is no longer a need to travel to the wellsite to obtain readings. All readings are available on a secure website within the MRL network. The system is self-powered and can run year round so the client can leave the system in place for a day, a week, a month, or permanently.

Middleware solutions are used with:

  • Surface Pressure and Temperature Gauges
  • Downhole Pressure and Temperature with Surface Read Out (permanent and drop spool)
  • Acoustic Well Sounders
  • Well Testing
  • Plunger Lift Controllers
  • Electronic Flow Measurement Instruments
  • Pump Off Controllers
  • Corrosion Monitoring Instruments