MRL Integrated Solutions Ltd. (MRL) is a privately owned Calgary based company that was incorporated in December 2003.

All of the work MRL does begins with data readings acquired at oil and gas wells. Within the oil and gas industry there many processes that feature and rely on the acquisition of readings at the wellsites. A process may be permanent, temporary, attended or unattended.

Decisions need to be made based on the readings. Often people not at the wellsite need to have access to the readings in a cost-effective and secure manner.

MRL’s founding shareholders understand the industry and use their skills to produce world-class solutions with cost-effective business models for their clients.


Within the life cycle of an oil and gas well are a set of defined activities that commonly involve instruments programmed to collect data and control processes. Some activities are permanent installations, but many are temporary; i.e. services.

Often the data needs to be accessed by people that are not on location. The old saying time is money comes into play. The sooner data can be accessed, the sooner decisions can be made, the larger the money savings.

MRL has total understanding of the life cycle activities, the various data sets, and we design and support end to end solutions for our clients that gets the data to the people who need it. This saves our clients time and money. We call those solutions our applications.

Enabling Technologies

When MRL develops a solution for a client, many existing technologies are available that can be integrated into the solution. Examples of existing technologies include wireless communicators, power systems, cabinets and host computers. Utilizing these technologies is the normal approach offered by most companies that deliver remote data access solutions. Often, the results are less than ideal.

For most MRL clients, the best possible solution requires more than the available technologies. MRL has developed three technologies that, when integrated with the available technologies, create a set of new solutions to the industry that are far more comprehensive and cost-effective to own and operate:

  • Middleware
  • MServ MRL
  • Network


Health Safety and the Environment

The MRL solutions provide our service company clients a wide variety of HSE benefits. Clients no longer have to travel to and from sites every day or two to download data from unattended applications. The result is less fuel is consumed, less CO2 is emitted, and the exposure to incidents from travelling icy roads and site visits is minimized.



MRL provides solutions as services to the client. MRL understands the oil and gas industry is a 24/7 business and therefore we support our clients and their applications in the same manner that our clients support the oil and gas companies. It is a critical aspect of our business philosophy. The MRL office number is answered 24/7 by MRL personnel, we do not use third party answering services, nor do we give clients a recorded message.

MRL’s architecture allows MRL to be able to tell the client exactly what is happening with each application without having to travel to location.

If an upgrade to the middleware is required, it is typically done over the air. There is no requirement for a site visit; saving time and money.

MRL believes our reputation is earned not only on the quality of the applications we provide, but how we react when a situation develops.